Fire Protection

ECI can install many different types of Fire Protection mediums:





Slimfire offers the practical and aesthetical benefits of having 1 hours fire-seal
protection with a slender 10mm x 4mm intumescent strip.  The product is available in two forms with the intumescent material either contained in a conventional PVC protective sleeve or laminated to a thin PVC facing material, this is suitable for applications  where appearance is a major consideration. 

Slimfire fire-seals doors and door casings, fire-resistant glazing, joints between concrete, steel ductwork and raised access floor systems.  When exposed to fire the strips swell to many times their original volume, filling voids and providing a seal against hot gases, smoke and flame.  They are available with or without a cold smoke brush.



Firespan is a fire resistant expansion joint specifically designed to provide a barrier to the progress of fire, smoke and toxic gases to all movement joints at the junction of compartment walls and floors.  Manufactured from intumescent material bonded either side of a fire retardent foam core, the construction is both flexible and water resistant and can be supplied in a range of gap and width sizes to give a resistance of upto six hours.





Fireroc is a cementitous fire resistant sealing compound with added structural strength.  It is designed to prevent the passage of fire, smoke and toxic gases through breaches in fire resistant structures accommodating mechanical and electrical services.  Supplied in powder form the product is mixed with water to produce a plaster like material that affixes to walls, floors and ceilings.



Firepillows are manufactured from high quality rated fibreglass, cloth filled mineral fibre, water insoluble expansion

materials and fire-retardant additives.  When exposed to heat the firepillows expand and form a tight seal against the penetration of fire and smoke.  At approx 300o centigrade the expansion agents expand by a minimum of 20% of their normal volume, and at approx 600o centigrade a carbon layer is formed which is mechanically strong and unlikely to be affected by falling debris or the effects of fire fighting activities.

Firepillows contain no asbestos or other toxic substances.




Intumas is a water based acrylic mastic with excellent adhesion to most surfaces.  Intumas cures in air to form a non-hardening tack-free seal, preventing the passage of air, smoke and toxic gases to provide a fire resistant barrier for up to 4 hours.  For use in interiors intumas resists cracking and splitting.  When attacked by fire over 100o centigrade the surface layer swells to twice it's normal size and develops a char layer and if the heat increases again the newly formed surface char again swells. Intumas adheres to most materials.




Pipelocs are manufactured from a high performance fire resistant composite.  They are corrosion resistant with very low smoke emissions.  They contain pressure forming intumescent material that expands in case of fire to prevent the spread of flame, hot smoke or gases into fire protected compartments that contain pipes or cables.

Ideal for use in hospitals, petro-chemical installations and high-rise buildings.